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Am I allowed to share my Windscribe account?

Sharing your Windscribe account with other individuals is not allowed as it goes against the Windscribe Terms of Service that is agreed to when you create an account. Doing so can and will most likely automatically flag you in the system and result in you getting banned from using our services permanently. Do not share your account under any circumstances.

You can find the full Terms of Service on our website here.

Alternatively, your friends can each create their own accounts. We also have a Refer a Friend program where you can refer your friends if you would like, and if they download Windscribe using your referral link, you and your friend can each get 1GB of extra monthly bandwidth! If they upgrade to Pro, you will also automatically upgrade to Pro for free!

You can find out more about the referral program here and we have a full guide here for you to ensure that you refer your friend correctly.

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