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I can't send emails when connected to Windscribe

Make sure you are not using SMTP on port 25 for outgoing emails as we block it to prevent spamming. You need to switch to an encrypted port, which is usually 465 or 587. Keep in mind, just switching the port from 25 to 465 will not work, you need to adjust the encryption parameters as well. Your mail provider should have these available on their website.

If you're already using a different port with a free email service like Gmail or Outlook, then it's possible those services are blocking the connection because they think your email is being hijacked by spammers, since you're connecting from an IP that is not what you normally use, especially if it's in a different city or country, and you switch countries rapidly. You would have to go into the "Security Console", and OK the blocked connection attempts. After a while, these services will "learn" to allow these connections, and everything will work after that.

If you're using a Microsoft Exchange server: You have to login into your mailbox via the web based client from your new Windscribe IP. This effectively whitelists it, and will allow you to send emails through MS Outlook.

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