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How many devices can I connect to at the same time?

You can use Windscribe on all your personal devices without any issues. But please keep in mind that the Windscribe service is strictly for personal use, so make sure those devices are yours and you are not using the service in any sort of datacenter environment or using it for commercial purposes. No one has 30 personal computers that all need a VPN enabled simultaneously or 25 phones that all need a VPN connection at the same time. This sort of extreme use will almost always get your account banned.

You can use Windscribe on almost all platforms, such as Windows, Mac, Linux; mobile devices both Android and iOS; Browser Extensions like Chrome, Firefox and Edge, Routers and other devices such as Amazon FireTV, Android TV, etc. You can download Windscribe on your devices very easily on our download page: https://windscribe.com/download

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