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I lost my 20/30/50/60 GB Free plan and was downgraded to 10GB

Windscribe decided to deprecate the bonus bandwidth plans we issued in previous years which is why you may have noticed your Free plan was downgraded to 10GB. 

Our initial intention for offering these limited-time plans was to support users in countries dealing with severe internet restrictions. However, we noticed that many people from other parts of the world, who were not affected by these restrictions, also claimed the promotions for themselves. As a result, we decided to deprecate the bonus bandwidth plans.

Users who previously had bonus bandwidth plans were downgraded to the standard 10GB free plan. However, they were offered a highly discounted upgrade option to our Pro plan, which includes unlimited monthly bandwidth. Users affected by this change received an email and an in-app notification about this limited one-time discounted upgrade offer.

If you decided not to upgrade, you can still increase your monthly bandwidth using two methods:

1. Refer a Friend: Visit https://windscribe.com/referafriend and share your referral link with friends and family. For each person who signs up using your link, you will get an extra 1GB of bandwidth per month. If they upgrade to Pro on our website, you will also get the Pro plan.

2. Tweet for Data: Sign in to your Windscribe account and visit https://windscribe.com/myaccount. Follow the instructions on the "Tweet for Data" section to upgrade to the 15GB per month plan.

While we are deprecating the bonus bandwidth plans, Windscribe remains committed to providing a reliable VPN service for our users. By upgrading to our Pro plan at a discounted price or using the available methods to increase bandwidth, you can continue enjoying the benefits of Windscribe VPN. If you need any further assistance, please feel free to contact our support team.

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