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Is the Stealth Protocol on iOS?

UPDATE (Dec. 2022) - The iOS app now has the Stealth protocol as we were able to use some new libraries and methods to add it to our app. 


You may have heard of our Stealth protocol in some of the Windscribe clients. It is an additional method of masking your VPN connection to get around web and VPN restrictions. It uses Stunnel, an open-source algorithm, to wrap your regular VPN connection within a layer of SSL encryption. By doing this, the connection ends up looking like any other secure web traffic in the case anyone were to analyze it. To block this traffic would mean blocking all secure web browsing on that network.

Unfortunately, due to some restrictions set by Apple's App Store policies, we are currently unable to offer our users the Stealth protocol in the Windscribe iOS app.

Fret not however, as we do plan to add this method of connecting to our iOS app in the future. This simply needs to be done in accordance with the Apple guidelines which requires additional work from our developers. The new Windscribe iOS app is being rebuilt from scratch and is nearing completion. This new version will include the IKEv2 and OpenVPN protocols so once those are working with no reliably, we will begin work on adding Stealth as well.

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