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Why are my P2P speeds so poor over the VPN?

P2P speeds depend on a variety of extraneous factors beyond Windscribe's control. Let's assume we're primarily speaking of bittorrent here. Variables such as number of seeders vs leechers, your location vs. the location of seeders, and your torrent client's priority with the tracker, all matter.

General speed and stability over the VPN depends on a wide variety of factors, and you can read more about it here: https://blog.windscribe.com/vpn-speeds-explained-7a7c7df8f3fa

In order to achieve better overall speed while using Windscribe, please try a combination of IKEV2, UDP/TCP, and WireGuard (on available platforms) and the various available ports, in conjunction with different servers to see which combination works best for you. We have no way of predicting this unfortunately, since there are a lot of variables involved that we cannot control, such as your ISP's local routing, number of hops to server, etc.

You might also want to try disabling any third-party security software such as Norton, McAfee, Kaspersky etc. These apps have a tendency of interfering with VPN connectivity.

For more information on using Windscribe with torrent clients, check out this article here: https://windscribe.com/knowledge-base/articles/using-windscribe-with-torrent-clients

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