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Why does my iOS/Mac device say that all network activity may be monitored or filtered?

You man have received this message on your iOS/Mac device: "All network activity on this iPhone (or Mac) may be filtered or monitored when using VPN."


Though this message may be alarming, it is a default message sent by your device to ask permission to create a VPN connection. Windscribe is not monitoring or filtering any of your traffic.

We don't keep connection or activity logs, IP timestamps, session logs, or monitor your activity. The message you received is a built-in warning and is helpful when installing something that can monitor your traffic. If you were using an app that had nothing to do with handling your traffic (such as a calculator app), then this message would warn you of a potential threat and let you prevent damage or data theft. 

However, Windscribe is not a malicious entity so you can rest assured that it is okay to press "Allow" when you receive this message. Without this, our VPN simply cannot work on the device. In fact, no standard VPN app could function on the device without this VPN permission.

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