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Windscribe connects but there is no internet access

If the VPN app connects to our servers but you can't actually access the internet, you might be running into a couple of issues. 

Server-related Issue

This first thing to always try is to connect to various other servers to see if the issue is related to the specific server you connected to. If this issue is only happening on that server, using a different one is your best solution.

Bad DNS Setting

Another thing to check would be Custom DNS configuration within the Windscribe app itself (in case you've changed this incorrectly), as well as your web browser's DNS settings. 

Win Dns

Anti-virus or Firewall Software Block

Anti-virus/Anti-Malware/Firewall software can offer you "protections" that end up affecting the VPN. It might be scanning your traffic or blocking connections through our VPN interfaces or doing a variety of other things that cause the VPN connection to fail. 

In this case, try completely quitting out of the anti-virus/anti-malware/firewall software (even using Task Manager if you must), and then reconnecting the VPN to see if that fixes the issues for you. 

Network-level Restrictions 

Some networks, especially public ones like at a school, office, or even in a country with internet restrictions might implement blocks on VPNs that would cause issues after connecting. If this is the case, try switching around to different Protocol and Port combinations to see if any of them work better than others. 

You can find these settings by going to Preferences > Connection and setting the Connection Mode to Manual. Then change the Protocol and Port. Reconnect to several VPN locations to see if the new Protocol/Port combinations work. 

If you are using the extension, we recommend you try using desktop application instead as there are not really any settings in the extension to get around network restrictions. The only thing to do in the extension is try various other servers. 

Contact Support

Anything outside of this would require more information on the specific situation/device/connection etc, and a debug log as well. Please reach out to our Support Team via https://windscribe.com/support/ticket so that we can look into this further.

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